Pretty in Pink | Baby Girl Newborn Photos | Carthage Joplin Missouri


April 11, 2022

Oh she is so Pretty in Pink! Baby Girl Newborn Pictures in local Carthage, Missouri Photography Studio.

How beautiful is this newborn girl photography session?!? Her session was right between Christmas and Thanksgiving and mom wanted a combination of pink, of course, and Christmas. I think we beautifully pulled it off!

This gorgeous lace baby newborn photography outfit is all the way from Poland! Yep you heard me right. I am always in search of the best baby outfits that fit baby just right and are swoon worthy. It take a bit of time for them to get to me. They are handmade and then they have to be shipped. But It is oh so worth the wait.

The above portrait might be my all time favorite baby feet picture! Oh the way the fabric blurs and the little toes show, takes my breath away!

Since baby was born on Thanksgiving, mom requested a little bit of Christmas but still wanted to have pink colors! And then the stars aligned and she smiled for this picture! Completely magical!

A few family portraits to finish off this newborn photography session! I always say to get in the picture! They will never be this little ever again and you will want these special memories captured forever!



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