Hello friend!  If we aren't friends yet, we will be!  The part I love about this job is that once we travel this journey together, I can truly say that my clients become friends!
As a true friend, I will help you along every point of the experience.  I love telling your story!  And yes you have a story to tell.  As mommas, we are behind the camera and doing all the things.  Let me help you tell the story of YOU and your family!

let's get personal, shall we?

Photographer and storyteller for newborns, families, seniors & brands looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hey, I'm Celesta!

3 crazy kids | 2 boys & 1 girl

Married for over 20 years to my amazing hubby

Fixer upper

favorite show

soooo glad it's back

Dark Chocolate 

favorite food

yes!  I consider that food

the beach

favorite vacation

first time to go... age 44!

Summer, baby 

favorite season

flip flop, shorts and the lake

Biology teacher in my former life

Dreamcatcher cold-pressed artisan, gluten-free 8-bit sartorial meditation cronut tilde organic kickstarter live-edge aesthetic ramps ethical.

Pug blue bottle wayfarers put a bird on it PBR&B sustainable, cardigan pickled ugh.

Edison bulb viral adaptogen vinyl ugh leggings. Prism mlkshk disrupt fixie fingerstache ethical asymmetrical.

more about me

Fun Facts

my passion for storytelling

why i'm here for you

Your family...
Your business...
You doing you...
is ah-maz-ing!

Yes! Truly amazing!  And I want to honor that!
You are one-of-a-kind and I want to capture that and show it off!
Professional, portrait photography celebrates you and the story you are telling.  And when you hang those portraits in your home, then the adventures you share and the love you give becomes the ART on your walls...to walk by and provide an overwhelming feeling of love, joy & laughter every. single. day!

When you hang professional portraits on your walls or bind a curated collection of memories in an album, you are preserving those milestones in a way that won't be lost or corrupted but enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond!  My goal is make those portraits more and more valuable every year that goes by.  And I'm telling ya, those years are just flying by so capture them while you can!

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