party of 6 | baby announcement photography session


November 8, 2018

I was super honored to be asked to be a part of the baby announcement to this family!  We started out the session with taking the normal family pictures.  The word on the street was that there was bribing of the children.  All good moms know that family pictures will always require a certain amount of bribery.  So the kids were completely on board.  Rocking their pictures with big smiles and a whole lot of style.

Aren’t they just the cutest family?  So then the kids get their promised present!  They sit down and start to open their gift!

They just aren’t so sure about this so called present!

What diapers???  Look at the looks on their faces!!  I’m rolling as I’m just clicking away!

After much concern and bewilderment, they might have finally figured out the gift!  The boy of the family jumps up and says “I’m going to having a baby brother!!”  I think mom and dad at that point didn’t want to break it to him.  They don’t know yet if it is a boy or a girl so no promises could be made!    But I did heard under brother’s breathe… “All that hard work for nothing!”  I don’t think the gift was exactly what he was expecting!  I do think another fun “gift” was still given!  Whew!

And now a few more family pictures announcing the new party of six!  What a gorgeous family!

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