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April 12, 2022

I have a shirt that says “GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES” And I would add especially ALL THE TWINS!

Twins are a different kind of session. You have to get both babies asleep at the same time! And that is a great feat than you think.

Momma requested coral and navy blue outfits to make the colors in their nursery and I’m thrilled that I have a newborn closet full of outfits that we can choose from to coordinate their newborn twins photo session to their nursery at home.

OH how my heart bursts to see these sweet twins cuddling next to each other. Be sure to check out the crying picture. Mom, Dad and I cracked up when we saw it. And yes they had that one printed. Remembering REAL LIFE is what I am all about!

I always say “Nothing is better than a baby in a bucket”. I’ve changed my mind… “nothing is better than two babies in a bucket!” Oh my heart was in love as soon as we were setting up this part of the twins newborn photographer session. Adding in a little spring flowers to the bucket set up just made me even more ready for spring!

Then to put them in a my little bity bamboo bed. SWOON!

I have to say how much I love my job! Getting to work with such beautiful twins and their amazing, beautiful family is just a dream!



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