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April 12, 2022

I just love when parents choose the milestone package for their newborn. It is my greatest honor to see these sweet newborns grow-up when they come back in for their sitter photography session and then their first year session. I look forward to our time together.

You might wonder why I call these sessions Sitter Sessions… well it’s because they can SIT! I know completely revolutionary! haha But in seriousness, I chose to not just do this session when they are on the dot 6 months old, but more that they can sit on their own. When they can sit up on their own, we don’t have the risk of them toppling over. Or have to have someone with their hand/arm in the picture to hold them up. Makes for a less stressful session! And if you know me, I want milestone photography sessions to be easy and no stress for mom!

This little boy’s mom brought in the best props to go with his session. I encourage to bring in something that is meaningful to you and your family! Your milestone photography session will mean even more!

This family little tractor seat was oh so cute and gave such a fun prop. Oh of course mom was super close. But the little guy didn’t not try to get down.

A green chair with his name was the perfect addition as well. Plus a fun hat that a family member gifted. Perfect way to remember all the special things to your little one.

Football is always a winner! Love the cute little onesie that mom brought!

Did I say how much I love sitter sessions? I do!

I cannot wait to see this little guy at his first birthday session! We already have a plan in the works.



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