How I bribed my husband for a Fall family photo session


March 17, 2022

This past fall I knew it was time to take some updated family portraits! You know the saying … the cobblers family doesn’t have shoes! Well I have promised to not be that! This photographer’s family will take the family pics and I will practice what I preach and print my photos. Wall art work is my favorite! I just love to decorate our walls with those that I love.

So I asked my husband what he wanted to do for family pictures. He replied, “I will take family pictures only if I can be in the river fly fishing!”

I thought hey that could be cool! (This was me not thinking things through…more on that later)

Sooooo let me walk you through what happens when you bribe your family to take family pictures…

  1. Things don’t go as planned. I thought it was gonna be “warmish”. It was one of the last “nice” days before the leaves would turn. So what did I do? Dress the family is shorts and a tank dress for my daughter, of course! It was seriously sooooo cold! My daughter was doing like that shivering cry!
  2. My kids don’t cooperate! You might say oh gosh they look so cute. But OH the complainingā€¦ and maybe there was some frustrated words coming out of my mouth. šŸ¤« So if you ever think your kids are crazy, mine are worse. šŸ˜‚
  3. When your husband agrees to said photoshoot, if only he can be in the river fly fishing, it sounds like a marvelous, cool idea! The down side, he can’t hear any of the complaining of the kids and is zero help!

Now don’t let how cute they are fool you of how cranky they were about taking pictures! I actually said to them…”My clients kids are sooo much better than y’all!”

BUT GOSH it was worth every second of it! These are going in an album and on the wall! Album is ordered! Next is deciding on wall artā€¦ yes I have trouble making decisions and my viewing/ordering session with my husbandā€¦ well we didn’t decide!

So I actually practice what I preach! And I cannot wait to show you the album and the new style of wall art! It’s gonna be amazing!

Who wants to know about the new cool wall art when we release it? Shoot me a message and I’ll make sure you are the first to know!

Soooooo DrumRoll! Are you ready to see the portrait that I bribed my husband and kids to get!?!?

I tried to be fun! I asked them to hug each other! This is what I got…

Got hubby out of the water for a dreamy family photo! Gosh this place is breathtaking! One of my most favorite locations of all times!

Gosh my girl! So I mentioned she was freezing!! Kinda that crying whine about how cold she was! But while hubby was out in the water getting ready for his family photo fly fishing debut, I was taking individual pictures of the kids. I’m thinking I’ll want a picture of each to hang on the wall later. So back to my daughter, she crying whining and then as soon as I start to take her pictures, this is what she does! Can you believe it! Like it wasn’t even cold!

But man! She. Is. Gorgeous!

Now a few pictures of the boys

A little sibling LOVE! Gosh these turned out to be the best!

One last picture before the sun went down! I am kinda laughing at how they are leaning towards me!

Soooo you might be wondering… Hey Celesta, who was taking the pictures? Well ME, kinda. I had my camera on a tripod with my “clicker” behind my back!

I’m telling all today… It was not easy being the photographer AND mom! I was sweating and a tad frustrated. But OH I’m so thrill with what we got! Now to get deciding on what is hanging on our wall!

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