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April 12, 2022

PRO TIP: Want to know how to be ahead in life and have your Christmas pictures all ready 8 months early??

Don’t work on said pictures until 4 months after Christmas and they are ready for this coming Christmas! Easy peasy! 😂

Christmas minis were a blast this year! If you are interested in being on the VIP list for this year’s Christmas minis (slots book fast), sign up for for my newsletter. Click HERE to sign up!

Gosh, did I just say I was doing them again?!?

Even though I never ever do minis, I loved every minute of it.

After doing everyone else’s sessions, I bribed my family to go out and take our pictures! Do you see a theme with bribing?!? LOL The light was just beautiful and so is my daughter! If she cooperates, she gets lots of pictures taken!

We had grandparents in town which was perfect! So we were able to capture pictures with them!

My kids are goofy…. Like really goofy… Just wait!

If you ever wonder if your kids are too crazy at your photography session, please don’t worry about it! Mine are even more cray cray!

Fun is well FUN and I may even encourage it!

Your fun family is worth capturing and celebrating.

And few of us all together!

My handsome hubby! I’m so thankful for his support and love of this dream!

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