4 strategies for a stress-free family session


September 22, 2022

smooth & successful family photography sessions

Family Picture in Fall

It’s normal to be a little anxious about your family photography session. You’re a busy family with quite a few things on your plate. 

Your child is in a new place and a stranger is holding a big camera in front of their face. They’re likely not going to entirely be themselves. They may show off more than usual or your extrovert may suddenly become shy.  But as we go, they warm up and we laugh and we play!  And you will be amazed by what turns out!

Tip 01

Plan your session around nap times for your littles. We want to make sure they are as happy as possible so it’s helpful to schedule either a couple hours before or soon after naps.

Tip 02

Be sure to coordinate your colors together. You can click here to view my WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE for some inspiration. It’s recommended that you wear neutrals and have pops of color.

Tip 03

Be EXCITED for your photos! Hype it up and make it super fun for your kiddos! Funny faces and tickles fights are all welcome here!

+ Let kids be kids. I love getting to chase, make funny noises & being a little kooky to get all the smiles and laughs.

+ It can also be helpful to pack a few treats and bribes for younger children. Favorite toys, special snacks and the promise of ice cream afterwards work wonders. 

Tip 04

Enjoy the experience! Family photos are meant to be memorable, not miserable. We’ll have the best time together capturing all of the sweet moments.  Pinky promise!

Just know… I have kids!  Three of them. And I don’t have quiet kids! So know that my kids have given me everything at a photo session so I’m not surprised by anything! I’m incredibly patient with kids and that I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help get even the smallest ones to cooperate. 

Want to see more? Here’s some more amazing families!

Here cheering you on!


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